Meeting with Aqualone

Thursday, 3 of December 2015



We met Bertrand Lacroix, Aqualone commercial manager.

Aqualone is the irrigation child prodigy, the start-up who sweeps the board. After getting Geneva innovation prize in 2006, they are now irrigation Californian show 2015 big winners! And that’s normal their system is unconditionally revolutionary simple and effective, after a meal we were totally convinced!

To set the context quickly, irrigation consumes 80% of world freshwater reserves. But, according to UNwater, in 2030, global water deficit will be about 40%. Conclusion, if we want to feed the growing population, it’s time to question ourselves and find solutions.

Aqualone Is one of these solutions.

What’s Aqualone?



Like this it’s not so clear… Concretely it’s:

  • 1 porous ceramic pot
  • 1 magnetic float
  • 1 tunable dripper
  • 1 holding chamber
  • 1 magnetic pilot valve

Aqualone takes into account soil’s humidity, hygrometry, rain, air temperature, sun influence, action of the wind, and even the retention capacities of the concerned soil.

Sans titre

The principle is simple, in the porous ceramic pot (1); you can put an irrigation controller: a patch of the crop to irrigate. It replicates plant and soil demand according to actual weather conditions. The system stores water of the irrigation and of the rain in its holding chamber (2). Irrigation stops when the water-holding chamber is full, because of the magnetic float (4). In fact when the float go up with the water rising, it closes the magnetic pilot valve (5) and so the hydraulic one (6). The ceramic pot manages the evaporation of the system according to actual weather conditions. And so the irrigation controller knows exactly the same conditions than the crop. When the concerned soil starts to dry out and the water level in the holding chamber (2) is low, the irrigation cycle is automatically reactivated.

So it’s really soil’s actual needs which control the irrigation system!

Because a little video is often easier to understand than a long explanation, we invite you to visit their website.

It’s also important to talk about money, and you will be really surprised to learn that this system is very affordable. Far from any other irrigation system, Aqualone is designed for the Asiatic and African market, and so stay really affordable!

For the moment, the system is set up in New Caledonia to be test in different climates. California being first to legislate about water restrictions, it’s the first market targeted. Europe must be the second one to assure a financial development to the start-up, but the real and ultimate goal is Africa and Asia to revolutionize the term of solidarity.


We hope you are now convinced of the Aqualone simplicity and reliability!


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