Our new partners

THursday,the 4th of FEBRUARY

They are beautiful, they are very nice but especially they are committed and they have decided to follow us in our adventure!


Nomadeis :

Company of consulting and research services in sustainable development, Nomadéis it’s 13 years of experience and more than 400 missions in 50 different countries, but more of all, it’s a motivated team, who will support us during all our trip!

At the Nomadéis origins there are Cédric Baecher and Nicolas Dutreix, two ESSEC graduates who followed, at the end of their University course, a one-year worldwide research project on the subject of water and sustainable development, with “AQUA tu penses”. It make you think about someone??? It’s so with a bit of nostalgia and full of enthusiasm that they decided to support us!

Nomadéis Team will help us at different levels :

Set up of decision tools

Adaptation of the impact study to each context


The real advantage of this collaboration in addition to their expertise and re-reading, is the profile diversity it provide us which will make our tools more objective and so more valuable.






Resolis :

Created by Philippe Kourilsky in 2010, RESOLIS goal is to be part of social progress sharing field experiences.

The idea?? All around the world, associations, NGOs, corporate foundations and public structures work towards social progress. They create a lot of precious information and know-how which forms the basis for a great number of social innovations. RESOLIS’ goal is to (validate) and disseminate all these experiences according to a scientific approach with very specific criterias.

 RESOLIS it is :

  • an Observatory which identifies innovative field actions and capitalizes it trought a scientifc test and then communication
  • a Laboratory which researches and defines innovative actions from an ethical standpoint in order to address modern social issues
  •  a Journal which publishes the study results.

 They will assist us with our impact study and we will take an inventory of the innovative stakeholders we will meet, using their metodologies !

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