We love them a bit, a lot, passionately our host NGO …

Direction to Dhaka in Bangladesh with “eau et vie” and to Tamil Nadu in india with ” kynarou”

We have found fantastic partners in India and in Bangladesh, so we have decided to go there instead of Ecuador. The aventure seems to be greater!

Eau et Vie



Eau et Vie is present in Bangladesh since 2010. Its aim is to improve life condition for families living in slums, assuring drinking water at tap, offering  education, sanitation, waste management, and fire prevention. To achieve it, Eau et Vie action is based on a small local company SHOBAR JONNO PANI (“Water for all”) and a local NGO: Water and Life Bangladesh.

The company build the water network and distributes the water in partnership with the communities and the local distributor. When the NGO is in charge of strenghtening local organizations, raising awereness for hygiene, environment and incendy prevention.

Since 2013, a part of Bhashantek ( slums of Dhaka) families had accessed to drinking water at tap thanks to a local company which employs local people ( 80% of the staff) and works at a scale which the State is unable to act : weekly or daily bills, payment collect at home, micro-credit opportunities…etc. Company benefits are completely re-invested to pursue the developpement of the water system or to finance a local fund.

What could be better?! We let you discover more on their website




Kynarou has been present in southern India in the state of Tamil Nadu and Pondichery for 12 years. The objectives of Kynarou are the rehabilitation and the building of water system, building of communal toilets, waste system and the installation of water filters in schools.

The idea is to bring water to all, without any distinction of cast or religion, in rural villages. Water is sacred for the Hindu and so the untouchables don’t have access to it because of the belief that they could make it impure by touching it.  In fact today, villages where there is no drinking water at tap are mostly untouchable villages, and so Kynarou work a lot with them.

The three goals of Kynarou are:

  • To improve the water access by the standardization of hydraulic and  sanitary structures in villages.
  • To encourage the self-management of the population by creation of a water committee in each village.
  • To raise awereness concerning hygiene and water management

Go on their website where a little film describes their activity:

Thanks to those associations, we will seek new ways to improve water acces in rural and urban environment where the State and official distributors don’t suceed in working with their usual standards of cost-effectiveness.


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