Let there be light! or how to treat water with light





Beautiful days are coming. You may go to the swimming-pool, with the sun. But What is this strange smell? And why does the water itch my eyes? It is because of the chlorine used to kill bacteria and viruses which could transmit diseases.

What we forget is that:

  1. This molecule is widely spread to keep our drinking water safe.
  2. The chlorine is one of the gas used during the world war one.

YUUUUUUUUMMM! How wonderful is my tap water, isn’t it ?! But how can we solve this environmental and sanitary and Safety problem?

So we went again in an industrial zone ( we definitely love it) to study the solution of Atlantium. Rotem Arad, COO ( as Chief Operating Officier) explained us that the fashion is recycling: water recycling, waste recycling, etc but here, they recycle the light!

Atlantium produces UV from a mercury lamp in metalic cylinder where the water circulates. UV will destroy the DNA or RNA of bacteries and viruses present in the water, it will stop the replication and then kill these organismes. The idea is simple and old but the revolution is to apply it to water in economic way and with guarantied results .

  • The cylinder, where the water circulates, is made of quartz tubes which reflect the UV and trap them. That is recycling the light. All the water that flows  in the cylinder is penetrated by UV and so decontaminated.
  • The UV lamp intensity can be changed and intensified if the water is very contaminated. What a good innovation to decontaminate water!



Some figures:

 from 1 to 1000 m3 water treated an hour

0.006$/m3 : price of the water treatment without the first investment

99.99% of the organismes and viruses are killed

Atlanitum choosed to focus on food&beverage, aquaculture, Bio-Pharma, Municipal, Power & energy .  For example Coca-Cola® in the world is Atlantium largest customer and also that you drink in France uses this process. But the possibilities are bigger  such as the problem of contaminated water.

All system has its drawback : the mercure of the lamp is hazardous . Atlantium recovers and recycles the lamps. But the environnemental impact is less important than in the chlorine process !

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