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Dreams hunters with a strong faith in human being


 LéA MUSSo, ADAqua’s co-founder


Born in Dax, from a French mother and an Italian father, I moved to Tahiti when I was 2 and then to New Caledonia when I was 4 and I stayed there till my sweet 18. I was convinced to be Tahitian till to be 6. I don’t speak Italian but well Spanish and a little bit Arabic. And now I don’t know what to answer to the deadly question “Where are you from?”

I prefer imagine that I could be a world citizen…

A mother site manager and now healer, a father manager of a tapas bar, and a sister mixing dancing, Kung Fu and multicolor socks, I definitely play the part of the normal and shy one in this fantastic mess. But I’m proud (almost always) of this strange family and our childhood shared between beaches, campings and journeys around Asia and South America with a backpack and nothing.

I’m sure the necessary adaption sense developed during my childhood will be useful for this new adventure.

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Pierre EMMANUEL muller, Adaqua’s co-founder

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Brought up in the best Parisian tradition, my first humanitarian trip in Togo has revealed me another part of my personality. My education and my entire route tought me my essential values: the sharing, the love of the other, the opening toward the others…etc

If today I choose this adventure, it’s also to answer to a strong inner call to make myself  useful. Because if I re-evaluated a part of my way of living after my travel to Togo, I kept from my education and my childhood this value, and I want my professional life to be modeled on it.

My travels in Africa and South America have made me dream about other horizons and this adventure is for me a real consecration.

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This trip for us it’s:

  • 1 adventure
  • 1 technical adventure
  • 1 spiritual adventure
  • 1 physical adventure
  • 1 opportunity to make ourselves useful
  • 1 opportunity to re-evaluate all our way of thinking
  • 1 opportunity to live our vision of the engineer as a facilitator of human progress, who acts in the history of his time and humanize the scientific endeavor.
  • A lot of meetings with nonstandard people that will make us grow from every point of view
  • 1 opportunity to go out of our engineers’ background to discover other realities
  • Our first project built from the start to finish uniquely by ourselves
  • 6 months which will teach us more than the past 4 years on terms of personal discoveries

Our Cv in 2015 in short, in French and in English