Israel is one of the more advanced country concerning the water sector. In fact with very few ressources, Israel suceed in a model water management, desalinating, recycling, and reusing water. We went to Israel to understand why Israel is one of the best country in water field and how do they manage their ressources in … Continue reading Israël


Ethiopia is well known for its sadly famous famine and secheresse. We went in Ethiopia in Lomo Region to work with Interaide. Far away from the image we had of Ethiopia, Lomo is a green and mountainous place with a lot of water resources during the rainy season. Interaide is working in this rural area … Continue reading Ethiopia


Bangladesh might be one of the first country flooded by rising waters. Moreover, its density is one of the most important density in the world. We let you imagine the direct consequence of these two facts. We went there to study the impact of individual drinking water access at home in an urban context. We … Continue reading Bangladesh


Welcome to Incredible India said the Indian ministry of tourism! We went to this place to study the social impact of water in the particular context of a very dry zone and rural villages. We worked with the French NGO Kynarou who is working in this rural zone to provide a safe water source to the population … Continue reading India


Singapour has put for many years water at the centre of its policies. This very tiny state considers that water is indispensable for its autonomy. So, Singapour becomes a hub for innovations linked with water.