Ethiopia is well known for its sadly famous famine and secheresse. We went in Ethiopia in Lomo Region to work with Interaide. Far away from the image we had of Ethiopia, Lomo is a green and mountainous place with a lot of water resources during the rainy season. Interaide is working in this rural area to provide a safe water source to the population and to raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation.


Ethiopia for us, it is:

  • One proud and independent people.
  • A very short colonization which didn’t really leave a trace, few “ Buongiorno” on the banks of the road and few italien priest, no more.
  • Impressive landscapes with their highlands, their mountains falling into rivers.
  • Delicious meals based on injera with meats and vegetables in their spicy sauces, shared by the whole table eating with right hands only.
  • A unique ceremony of coffee that you can’t see in other place in the world, with direct torrefaction under our eyes and incense.
  • A warmful nation.





Interaide is a French NGO, involved in Ethiopia since 20 years for water suply issues. On field, Two expatriates, 150 Ethiopians working on different projects about water supply, sensibilization, agriculture, food…etc.

In the water sector, the technical solution is simple : take water in highlands and bring it, by gravity to common water point composed of water fountain, a laundry and a trough for the cattle.

The strength of Interaide is a bottom-up organization, it means a procedure that comes from a need and a declared will from the community and from which we build the project that will be realized thanks to the participation of all.

Ethiopian Results

Context The study took place in the south west of Ethiopia, in the Dawro area. This region has a very specific landscape with high mountains and huge plateaus. In this region, three different spaces can be distinguished: high lands, mid-lands et low lands. The study took place in Dawro midlands. In this region, the water comes … Continue reading Ethiopian Results