Welcome to Incredible India said the Indian ministry of tourism!

We went to this place to study the social impact of water in the particular context of a very dry zone and rural villages.

We worked with the French NGO Kynarou who is working in this rural zone to provide a safe water source to the population and to raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation.

India for us, it is :

  • Its musson which arrives suddenly.
  • Its lunches with Parotta, Dosai and hundreds of thousand different chutney.
  • A society where the cast system is still present despite of the official end of it.
  • Colourful temples.
  • Religious ceremony with big sound system that prevent you from doing any interviews.
  • Impressive quantity of eaten rice.
  • Dealers without mercy, with who, all is a question of bluff and self insurance.
  • Very long movies in which even the most tragic scenes make you laugh.





Kynarou was our last partner! Kynarou renovates hydraulic works and install water filter as a common water point in villages and to smaller scale to schools. The aim is to provide a continuous access to drinkable water. Each village where Kynarou acts is precisely chosen after a preliminary survey to identify needs of people and to see where the cast system is not an unsolvable system. And Kynarou does more: They build toilets! It is simple but it is a revolution because people use it! That is not easy in villages where habits are strongly established. Thanks to an intensive work of awareness, it works!


Indian Results

Context  This study took place in rural villages in the Theni district, located in the south of Tamil Nadu, near the Kerala border. Theni’s is quite dry with very few natural water resources. People from those villages are mostly agricultural worker or 100 days worker (social program created by the Indian government). Different casts exist … Continue reading Indian Results