Pocket Water Treatment


We love definitely industrial areas. We went here a last time to meet RWL Water, a company with multiples dimensions. We found the same building remoted in brownfield site, with impersonal offices. All was fine… Moreover, the person we had to meet was in a foreign country.
Fortunately, we finally met the person who had to replace him.

We quickly realized that Nirosoft was no more a little start-up. An American businessman invested few years ago in the best water companies to create a world leader. So Nirosoft was bought and became a part of RWL Water. But there are still innovations in water field in this company.
Their philosophy? Bring solutions at very different matters: from the desalinization plant of a remoted city in Chile to a huge agitator to bring dioxygen to Thailand rivers.

Among very interesting innovations, we choose one: The Nirobox ©: the principle is to put a water treatment system in a container.

Inside the Nirobox

Inside the Nirobox

The technology is not very impressive but the idea is very interesting. All is the question of packaging! RWL Water miniaturizes a water treatment plant to put it in container. So, you can easily transport and install it! It could be installed in only two months after the demand.

The Nirobox is like a car, you have the standard model and you can choose some options.
The stand model has two parts:
– the pretreatment unit with – a disc filter
– a chloride system dosing
– Hollow fiber
– the desalinization modul based on the reverse osmosis principle
Then, you can add some options units function of the utility of the treated water:
– if the water must be ultrapure ( such as in electronic industry), you can add a permeate polishing by continuous Electrodeionization.
How does it function? You put your water with ions between two membranes. Those membranes can make the ions to pass through but the water is blocked. Then, electrolysis makes the ions to go out of the water.

Principe du traitement de l'eau par électrolyse


– if the water must be drinkable, a post chlorination dosing model and remineralization system must be added to the Nirobox!

That is all about the Nirobox. The perspectives are hugged. It can be a solution for the area which needs quickly drinkable water after a disaster!