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Ethiopian Results

Context The study took place in the south west of Ethiopia, in the Dawro area. This region has a very specific landscape with high mountains and huge plateaus. In this region, three different spaces can be distinguished: high lands, mid-lands et low lands. The study took place in Dawro midlands. In this region, the water comes … Continue reading Ethiopian Results

Bangladeshi Results

Context Bhashantek is a slum situated in Dacca, capital of Bangladesh. Like many slums, the water supply is not assured because this zone is not officially recognized. Before the action of SJP and Water&Life, our partner in this place, people were used to get water by common water pumps built previously by NGO or by … Continue reading Bangladeshi Results

Indian Results

Context  This study took place in rural villages in the Theni district, located in the south of Tamil Nadu, near the Kerala border. Theni’s is quite dry with very few natural water resources. People from those villages are mostly agricultural worker or 100 days worker (social program created by the Indian government). Different casts exist … Continue reading Indian Results