The ADAQUA Project

The Adaqua Project aims to bring valuable  solutions for a reasonable access to water

The project shortly

a project for sustainable water access for all Our project is revolved around two key ideas:   sustainability : Establish a picture of the innovative solutions to local WATER SUPPLY problems, with the different water stakeholders. general access : Set up a methodology to define social impact of a drinking water access, to show the cost-effectiveness … Continue reading The project shortly

Water in the World

  Why do we have to talk about water???   Because water is a human right since 2011 Because 2,4 million persons die every year because of a lack of quality and accessibility of water Because half of the humanity does not have access to drinking water Because the “age of easy water is ended” … Continue reading Water in the World

Our methodology for impact study

First thing to think is: which impacts could possibly have an access to water? Health: consumme clean water make you healthier, reducing hydric diseases appearance. Hygiene: Once you have an easier access to water, you can give a more important volume for hygiene. Schooling/work: if your are less sick and not occupy with fetching water, … Continue reading Our methodology for impact study