Water in the World


Why do we have to talk about water???


Because water is a human right since 2011

Because 2,4 million persons die every year because of a lack of quality and accessibility of water

Because half of the humanity does not have access to drinking water

Because the “age of easy water is ended”  according to Loic Fauchon

Because in 2030 we will have to face a 40% hydric deficit



Prejudices and  a scale issue are two of the numerous problems that the water sector has to face . In fact, water is victim of many prejudices and considered solutions must almost always be set up at such a big scale that could become demoralizing. To build a sustainable world everyone must commit himself, developing awareness, water is a society issue, and we are all citizens : we are all water actors !

Everyone could act at his level, and as engineers, and scientific actors, we feel even more concerned. When we look at the world today and the extent of water problematics, we could feel so small and ignorant! But we choose to react and act for real, using our scientific knowledge and our faith in human progress, to explore solutions to different issues and to destroy some of water prejudices.

We are convinced that solutions are at local level and we want to find out the innovative one! Our journey is a quest for these ways of doing, of these NGOs and start-up which are creating a sustainable water world for tomorrow with small budget. We want to make them known to the general public and communicate in other countries about solutions existing abroad.